Planning Your Child's Portrait History

The milestones of childhood can never be repeated. But they can be captured in portraits that tell the story of a child's growing up ... as he or she passes through a series of stages... moving ever closer to adulthood.

Yet for many families, the important milestones of their children's history are marked only by hastily purchased "record photographs" that are filed away in a frame behind the most recent photo, lie forgotten in a drawer or simply fade away.

Every child's portrait history should be carefully planned. That's why our studio has joined with a select group of photographers -- inspired by members of Professional Photographers of America -- to create a structured program that helps parents recognize the most important times to have their children photographed. These are the "7 Ages of Childhood" -- times that mark the most significant changes along the path from infancy to young adult hood. When these milestones are recorded by a true professional, they become a treasure to enjoy today and a valued family heirloom as years go by.

As much as you will enjoy childhood portraits from each of these important ages,
just think how much they will mean to your child when he or she is grown.


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