Seniors, Look Your Best! | A Guide to Making Your Senior Session Fun and Your Senior Portraits Awesome!

Clothing, Color
And Style Do
Make A Difference!

Carefully chosen clothing allows the face to dominate a portrait, with all other elements being secondary. Against a medium or dark background, colors that photograph best for the yearbook portrait and other close-up poses are medium to dark tones of green, brown, rust, wine, or blue. Darker shades are more slimming.

The goal of any fine portrait is to direct the viewer’s eye to the face in the portrait. All other elements should be secondary. Simple long-sleeved garments in medium to dark tones of brown, rust, burgundy, green, or blue are pleasing choices when photographed against a medium or dark background.

Because darker clothing is slimming, it often is a good choice for full-length or three-quarter-length portraits in which a medium to dark background is used.

Bold stripes, plaids, checks, and prints are visually confusing and do not photograph well.

Bright colors, such as red and orange, will overwhelm the face and ruin a portrait.

Bare shoulders or tops with “spaghetti straps” often make the subject look heavier and take the eye away from the face.

Informal Poses And Special Styles Tell The World Who You Are!

Informal portraits invite much more variety in clothing color and style. Girls can choose a favorite casual outfit, dress, prom dress, shorts, jeans outfit—the clothes you really enjoy. Guys can go formal or casual as well: Anything from a suit to the clothes you live in every day, including a school or other jacket. Bring along extra outfits, and we will help you choose!

Black is a good choice for black-and-white portraits or for a dramatic look in color. Seniors who like our “white-on-white” portraits should bring a white or very pale pastel outfit.

Planning For
Your Session

Hair: Don’t try a new hairstyle just for your session; have it cut about a week before your appointment.

Skin Problems: Don’t worry if you develop a skin problem. Our finished portraits are fully retouched to eliminate blemishes and soften hard lines.

Tattoos: Visible tattoos are part of you, so it’s entirely your decision if you want a tattoo to show in your portrait. There is an extra retouching charge to remove a tattoo or piercing.

Facial Scars: If you have a visible scar, please let us know whether you want to have it retouched or softened.

Glasses: Problems with glasses can lead to extra retouching charges. We can remove normal glare on glasses, but tinted lenses cannot be lightened— even with artwork. If your glasses are tinted or exceptionally thick, they can distort the way the camera photographs the eye. In this case, you should ask your optometrist for a pair of plain glass frames to wear for your portrait session. If you have any questions regarding your glasses or extra retouching charges for unusual lenses, please contact us.

Braces: Braces can be removed with artwork at an extra charge. However, some dentists are willing to remove braces for your session if you take the time to schedule the procedure.

Tanning: Removing tan or sunburn lines will incur additional retouching charges.

For Girls: Makeup can affect the way your portrait looks. Fresh, natural makeup as well as “evening” makeup photograph well. Call if you have questions.

For Guys: Retouching or removing facial hair is never a good idea; it incurs extra charges and often facial areas cannot be retouched attractively. So make sure your beard (or lack of it) is exactly the way you want to appear in the photograph.

How To Look
Your Best!

Clothing helps to express your personality, and we want you to bring some of your favorite things. We hope these illustrations will help you in selecting clothing for your senior session.

Close-Up Portraits

The goal of your yearbook picture or other head-and-shoulders or close-up poses is to draw the viewer’s eye to your face, so choose your clothing carefully for this pose. Select something very simple both in color and style. Guys can choose a suit, sport coat, sweater or shirt. For girls, a plain dress, sweater or blouse with a simple neckline is best. Both guys and girls should wear long sleeves to keep the eye from being drawn to the flesh of the arms.

Express Yourself
And Your World!

If you have a hobby, then bring it along! Musical instruments, art supplies, theatrical garb, cheerleading or athletic uniforms, band uniforms, stuffed animals, skateboards, pets, girlfriends, boyfriends, and buddies. Think creatively and you’ll have a portrait to remember!

Enjoy. . . The Fun Of An Outdoor Session

Bring a casual outfit that will blend with natural outdoor settings. Earth tones are an excellent choice. Also remember that simple styles photograph best.
If you have an outdoor hobby or interest—backpacking or jogging for example—bring your gear. We’ll also be happy to photograph you with your favorite set of wheels!

Q & A

What time should I arrive for my portrait session?
Arrive 10 minutes early. You’ll be more relaxed, and your session can be completed on schedule.
What will my session be like?
In a word . . . FUN! You might be a little nervous at first, but not for long. Our friendly atmosphere will have you relaxed in no time!
Can I bring a friend to watch?
Of course. If it will help you feel more relaxed, bring a friend or parent along.
When do I decide what portraits I want to order?
After you have seen your previews. Don’t worry . . . you’ll receive a complete explanation of our preview process and timeline.
What if my parents and I like different poses?
No problem! We create plenty of poses to please both you and your parents. You can order from as many poses as you want.
Can I order additional portraits later?
Certainly. But be sure to order plenty of wallets with your initial order to avoid reorder charges.
Any more questions?
Call during our regular office hours.