Timeless ...

Things To Remember
When Dressing Your Child
For A Priceless
Photographic Portrait

Darker Backgrounds help the face to dominate the portrait, particularly when the child is wearing a simple, medium to dark color garment.

A simple facial study can be very effective when a medium to dark sweater or shirt is worn.

The delicate print of this dress still allows the face to dominate the portrait ...

Coveralls present a classic look for boys or girls, and the portrait is particularly appealing when cute little bare arms are revealed.
... but it is harder to focus on the child when clothing is too busy.

A casually styled portrait can have a timeless quality when the play clothing is selected from "basic" styles such as jeans outfits.

White clothing and a white background are a perfect combination....
...pajamas are great for "bedtime" portraits for little boys or girls ....
...and little girls always look precious in a slip.

Different Backgrounds create different looks, depending on the choice of clothing.


Props and backgrounds should always be chosen to complement the clothing and support the mood of the portrait.

Clothing coordination is very important when more than one child appears in the portrait.

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